Understanding Dyslexia

Running from 5 – 10 November, the aim of Dyslexia Awareness Week in Scotland is to raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia through a series of events taking place across the country.

Organised by charity Dyslexia Scotland, these events include discussion groups, panel discussions, workshops and the screening of the documentary “Dyslexia: Educate Me” by filmmaker Trevor Thomson. All events reflect the theme of the week – “My Wider World”. This is an acknowledgement of the different ways in which dyslexia impacts on everyday lives.

At Concept Northern, leaders in assistive-technology provision and training, spreading the word about dyslexia is integral to what we do. We offer dyslexia-awareness training to businesses and organisations to enhance staff understanding and development. Training helps employers provide an inclusive environment and encourages employees to empathise with and understand the barriers that additional support needs may create.

Our CPD-certified dyslexia-awareness sessions offer an introduction to dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties. Led by one of our dyslexia specialists, they also include practical suggestions for change, including a demonstration of the assistive technology available to help.

For those unable to attend a live session, our Dyslexia Awareness e-learning course is an essential resource. It’s suitable for all learners who want to improve their understanding of dyslexia and its impact on others. The three-hour course focuses on the same key topics as our face-to-face awareness training – defining the term “dyslexia”, exploring its effects, understanding strategies for improving the experience of a dyslexic person, and distinguishing between dyslexia and co-occurring conditions. It uses interactive learning resources, demonstration videos and scenarios to help learners become better informed.

The goal of Dyslexia Awareness Week is to convey the message that dyslexia is not just something that affects reading, writing and spelling. That’s the aim of our awareness training too – to explore the many different ways dyslexia impacts on people’s lives.

For more information on how we can help your organisation become more dyslexia aware, contact Alan Taylor on 01355 573173 or at alant@conceptnorthern.co.uk.