Taking Pride in Helping Young People

We recently attended the Deaf Roots & Pride (DRP) Apprenticeship Day at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. This was a chance to increase awareness of the opportunities available through Modern Apprenticeships for young people with hearing loss. The event was attended by apprenticeship providers and companies like ours who support individuals with a disability through apprenticeships with assistive technology and training. 

Attendees varied from 14 yr olds to those ready to leave school in May and Concept Northern were able to direct them to funding and information sources for attending Higher Education, Modern Apprenticeships or the workplace.  Teachers, support workers and parents were also in attendance and found the day informative and a huge success.

DRP, part of the British Deaf Association (BDA), want to build the confidence and aspirations of deaf individuals aged from 8 to 20 through positive messages and by harnessing the power of role models, mentors and those who share similar experiences. DRP know that apprenticeships present a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain valuable skills while also picking up important work experience. And, as our recent blog post pointed out the number of applicants for apprenticeships self-reporting a disability, such as hearing loss, continues to grow.

With the correct support and training, anyone can achieve their learning and career goals. Our work at Concept Northern focuses on providing equipment which can transform the learning and workplace experience.  

Roger™ technology, developed by Phonak, is a digital standard that bridges the understanding gap by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. Roger™ microphones pick up a voice and relay it to a receiver attached to an existing hearing aid or cochlear implant. Regardless of what hearing aid or cochlear implant is used, there is a compatible Roger receiver. The technology is effective, discreet and promotes focus without distraction.

There are a range of Roger™ products available to suit different contexts. The Roger™Pen is a versatile wireless microphone which reduces background noise and keeps a user connected to one-on-one or group conversations. It has a portable form factor for use ‘on the go’ and is adaptable enough to provide listening support in a variety of situations. It can be placed on a flat surface for overall sound pick-up, or ‘pointed’ in a direction to zoom in on a specific sound source. It can also be worn by an individual speaker via a neck lanyard to ensure accurate sound transfer in presentations or lectures.

When many speakers are involved, such as in tutorials or seminars, the Roger™Select microphone produces even better results. It utilises multiple microphones to create 360° listening coverage, which automatically selects and focuses on the person talking. Another option for group discussions is the Roger™ Table Mic II. It can be linked to other Table Mic IIs to provide seamless coverage in larger meeting spaces.

DRP want deaf young people to have the skills and confidence to make successful transitions in their lives. Starting a Modern Apprenticeship, with the correct support in place, is a great way of moving from full-time education to the world of work.

If you would like further information on how Concept Northern can help Modern Apprentices with hearing loss, contact Barbara Borthwick on 01355 573173 or by email to: barbarab@conceptnorthern.co.uk.