Success Through Support

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted the role assistive technology plays in breaking down learning barriers in higher education. 

Speaking to the newspaper, student Gemma Long described the transformation an audio-recording application made to her college experience. “I struggled to understand the point of lectures until I got that software,” said Gemma. “I didn’t realise how much useful information was in them. Being able to audio record the lectures and listen back to them in a silent room meant I was finally able to digest the content.”

At Concept Northern, Scotland’s leading DSA assistive-technology supplier, we see that same reaction from students all the time. When introduced to new technology and hardware designed to help them overcome difficulties with reading, writing, notetaking or organising, there is often a “light bulb” moment. It’s the point they realise that an obstacle to learning has been removed and the pathway to successful study is now open to them. 

Students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, hearing loss, restricted vision or mobility challenges can all benefit from assistive technology. With the appropriate equipment and focused training, we can help any student with an additional support need. With bases across Scotland, we provide country-wide coverage including equipment delivery and setup by qualified, disability-trained professionals as well as ongoing on-site maintenance. 

Students receive a personalised learning plan based on their own, unique learning requirements, which our experienced trainers use to guide their sessions. This also forms the basis of a final training report which details what barriers the student faced, what training was provided to address them and advice for future development.  

Concept Northern’s services extend to DSA assessors and disability-support teams too. We can provide assistive-technology demonstrations, staff awareness training and give advice on equipment specification and selection.

Assistive technology helped Gemma gain an MA at the Open University and she is now studying for a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. With technology provision and training from Concept Northern, any student with an additional support need can achieve similar, desirable outcomes. 

For more information on how Concept Northern can help students or assessors in higher education, please contact: or call 01355 573 173