Seeing Positive Change

With each passing year, the world is becoming a more accessible place. Greater emphasis is being given to developing products and environments which are inclusive and offer opportunities for more people to take advantage of their benefits.

Part of this evolution involves assistive-technology features being incorporated into everyday devices like mobile phones and laptops. For example, a visually-impaired iPhone user now has a range of features in iOS to improve the experience of using the device.

CALL Scotland, a government-funded charity which helps children and young people to overcome disability and barriers to learning, have written a handy guide to what built-in accessibility features are available on a range of devices including iPads, PCs, Macs and Android tablets. They include voice-over tools to read text aloud, increased font sizes for better legibility, high-contrast themes or screen masks, and braille-display compatibility.

But these features, while helpful, often don’t satisfy all the requirements of a visually-impaired user and that’s where dedicated assistive technology is required. The CALL Scotland guide also provides advice on standalone equipment to help people with a visual impairment. This includes magnification software like Dolphin Supernova which enables users to create highly-personalised magnification solutions for PC screens and advanced screen-readers like JAWS which read everything that’s on-screen aloud facilitating easier computer control. There’s also advice on video magnifiers like the Prodigi – a device which uses a built-in camera and display screen to convey or produce a ‘digital magnification’ of printed materials.

At Concept Northern, leaders in assistive-technology provision and training, we supply all of these products and support users as they learn to use them. Our experienced trainers are experts in identifying solutions to issues related to a visual impairment and providing appropriate training and advice. From helping people use their mobile phone’s accessibility features to installing and training on an advanced digital magnifier, we meet the needs of the visually-impaired technology user.

To browse our range of assistive-technology products to assist with visual impairment, visit our dedicated online shop – Assistive IT.

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