Optimism About Autism

This week, April 1st through April 7th 2019, sees the return of World Autism Awareness Week. This is an opportunity for people at home and abroad to raise funds for supporting autism – a lifelong developmental disability which affects how some individuals communicate and interpret the world around them.

It’s also a great opportunity to increase understanding of what autism involves and how society can make a positive contribution to the life of someone with autism.

In the United Kingdom, the week is organised by the National Autistic Society. It was founded in 1962 and is the country’s leading autism charity, helping some of the approximately 700,000 autistic people in the UK. It provides advice, support and information and is committed to transforming lives, motivating change and opening up new opportunities. They are optimistic about creating positive outcomes for people with autism and so are we.

At Concept Northern, Scotland’s leading supplier of assistive technology, our work with individuals with autism has shown that the right training and support can make a material difference to their quality of life. When given the right tools, they can succeed in education or in the workplace.

“Brain in Hand” is smart web-based software which helps people remember activities, mitigate stress and feel safe. Accessed via a smartphone, users can plan their day, implement coping strategies and access support services when and where they need it.

For an activity such as taking a train, users can input potential problems and associate them with trusted solutions. That ensures they know exactly what to do should the problem arise. For example, if the train was late, the user could look at the app and find exactly out what to do instead of worrying about what to do. Users can also contact a specialist advisor or support contact directly via the app to ask for further advice.

“Brain in Hand” is a great example of how technology can help create positive outcomes. By facilitating better personal organisation and time management, combined with straightforward access to advice and support on-demand, users can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming anxious and unsure of their next step. With clarity and structure comes confidence – a great first step towards success.

For more information download our Autism Support guide here.