Modern Apprenticeships – On the Up

In the 2017/18 accounting period, there were 27,145 new Modern Apprenticeships created in Scotland. This is the highest ever number of starts for the scheme which aims to provide individuals, mainly young people, with industry-recognised qualifications and work experience.

But it isn’t the only statistic that’s increasing.

Of those people, 11.3% self-reported an impairment, health condition or learning difficulty, up from 8.6% the year before and 3.9% the year before.

This is a significant development – more people than ever before are willing to disclose their disability or learning difficulty. But it also highlights the need for those individuals to get the training and support they need.

Concept Northern, leaders in assistive-technology provision, know that training, guidance and equipment can all play a part in helping people achieve their goals. That could be in full-time education, in the workplace or on employability programmes such as a Modern Apprenticeship.

Getting the right help at the right time can materially increase the chances of someone progressing from training to continuing employment. We work with training providers across the country to provide specialised support to individuals with dyslexia, autism, hearing loss, impairment to vision and similar learning challenges.

A statistic we’d like to see increase in the next 12 months? More people than ever before getting the help they need to fulfil their potential, enhance their skills and fire their ambition.  

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