Managing Dyslexia

For individuals with dyslexia, finding different ways of solving problems is part of everyday life.  Faced with tasks where the common way of doing things is difficult, they are forced to discover new, often highly creative, approaches to achieve their goals.

At Concept Northern, leaders in assistive-technology provision and training, we’ve seen lots of different techniques to support reading, writing and organising skills. Whether at school, in higher education or in the workplace, people often find ways to address their barriers.

That’s why comments made recently by Dragons Den star and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis to BBC Radio 5 Live’s “Wake Up to Money” show resonated deeply with us. Paphitis, who owns High Street stores such as Robert Dyas and Ryman Stationery, has dyslexia but, as a child, identified ways of coping with its challenges.

“Even as an 11-year-old I remember quite clearly learning to get around the things I had to do and finding another solution,” said Paphitis. “Whatever it was I had to find another solution.”

He also believes this need to innovate was integral to his subsequent development.  

“For me, dyslexia was an advantage, as painful as it was,” continued Paphitis. “If I hadn’t had dyslexia I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be here today because I wouldn’t have gone down the path I went down.

“It really gave me that confidence to be able to tackle anything in business, but not from an arrogant point of view or a false confidence, but how hard can it be? To look at the problem, break it down find a solution.”

Encouraging people to develop strategies to address their learning challenges is important to us and it’s integral to our ILM Leadership and Management Level 3 qualification. This incorporates resources designed especially for people with dyslexia, including interactive modules, bite-sized learning units and handy tips for incorporating assistive-technology software into successful study routines.

The qualification is ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing their abilities. Learning and assessment are completed entirely online which allows for flexible study. Personal support and advice are available too, ensuring learners know exactly what they have to do and how they can achieve it.

Having dyslexia is not a barrier to success in business, as Theo Paphitis proves. With the custom-support structure and resources offered by our ILM Leadership and Management qualification, anyone can take a positive step in their own business career.

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