Literacy Support Evolved

Concept Northern help people with dyslexia improve their reading, writing and organising skills. We know that assistive technology, combined with specialist training focused on the individual, can fundamentally improve skills and confidence.

Texthelp Read&Write, a leading literacy-support application, is often part of our approach. Many of the people we’ve helped in education and the workplace have benefitted from its comprehensive selection of reading and writing tools. Texthelp Read&Write 12 will soon be the standard version for all DSA and Access to Work clients using Windows, replacing version 11.5. It incorporates some significant changes which are worth considering in more detail.

The Read&Write toolbar now looks and works a little differently. The styling of the toolbar and its icons have been updated and refined. It’s also now consistent with how the software looks on other platforms like Google Chrome and Mac. Tool menus work differently too. Instead of menus attached to individual tool buttons, there’s a single “Settings” button at the far right-hand side.  All of the software’s options like changing the voice used to read text aloud, or the colour of the toolbar can be customised from this menu.

This change is indicative of Texthelp’s decision to simplify the overall Read&Write experience for users. It’s also reflected in the updated selection of available tools. Established functions like “Dictionary”, “Screenshot Reader”, and “Screen Masking” are still available but the overall number of tools has been reduced. This focus on tool quality rather than quantity reduces toolbar clutter and makes finding the most-commonly used functions much easier.

Some tools have also been revised or had their names updated. “PDF Aloud” has been replaced by “PDFReader” and “Speech Input” has been relabelled as “Talk&Type”. Arguably the biggest change of all is “Check It” – a revised spell-checking function which replaces “Spell Check”. Users can choose to use either “Check It” or the classic “Spell Check” from the “Settings” menu.

The latest version of Read&Write may look a little different but it’s the same great application that has helped people across the world address their literacy challenges.

To learn more about the new features in Read&Write 12, enrol on our interactive e-learning course. More information is available on Concept Learning.

If you are a DSA Assessor you can book a free awareness day at your institution to find out more about Texthelp 12 or any other DSA software or hardware you have interest in. C
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