Concept Learning

Texthelp Read&Write, the popular assistive-technology application for improved literacy, is entering a new phase in its development.

With the widespread adoption of version 12 for Windows in both the Access to Work and Disabled Students’ Allowance markets, customers in all walks of life are benefitting from the software’s improved interface and tools.

As Read&Write changes, Concept Northern’s e-learning resources have to change too. Our e-learning portal – Concept Learning – is home to courses which cover all aspects of assistive-technology software and skills. We pride ourselves in keeping pace with the latest developments in the sector, ensuring our resources are up-to-date with changes made by manufacturers such as Texthelp.

That means we’ve revised our Read&Write e-learning course to incorporate the latest features in version 12. These include “Check It”  – the new spelling and grammar checker, and the new way of accessing and customising the settings for each individual tool. Like all of our materials, the course features learning resources designed especially for individuals with dyslexia. It contains highly-visual, interactive guides including demonstration videos, graphical walkthroughs and quizzes to evaluate knowledge retention.  

Concept Learning is also home to our unique SQA Customised Award – Assistive Technology and Business Skills for Dyslexia for young people in search of employability training. This offers the chance for learners to gain a recognised qualification, rated on the SCQF framework, while also developing valuable workplace skills and strategies. The Award teaches learners how to use two key assistive technology tools – Texthelp Read&Write and MatchWare MindView – a planning and mind map application. It then shows learners how to apply these new software skills in an office environment to successfully manage time, complete literacy tasks confidently, and improve communication with managers and colleagues.

Just like Read&Write, Concept Learning continues to grow to keep pace with evolving technology and demands. But our goal remains the same – to provide learners with an enjoyable and productive educational experience.